0. Foreword

My initial intention behind this ‘writing’ was to capture some fun and interesting canoeing anecdotes for myself and my family, but as I started piecing the tales together my story grew bigger and broader and so along the way, I also decided to do this for the sake of paddling and my canoe club. I recognised that I could share my personal story and simultaneously capture some history about our little sport that may otherwise be lost, while weaving in a layer about participating versus competing and hope that all of this might help grow some interest in paddling, for both those who got ‘the porridge’ when little and those who didn’t.

Disclaimer: The ‘Facts’ herein are a combination of everything from ‘Memories’ to ‘Diaries’ to ‘Hearsay’ to ‘Google’ but I have tried to be as accurate as possible. Regards my views and opinions expressed, they are simply what I believe. I humbly extend my apologies to anyone who feels they need them.

And because I want this to appear like a proper book, I dedicate this tale to my long suffering and wonderful wife, Dee, for putting up with all my nonsense.

September 2021

Chapter 11 added in August 2022

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